Undersink Faucet

Model No : UD-1000
Manufactured By : IONPIA CO LTD
Made In : Korea

MRP : 80,240

Discount = 4000
Shipping Charges : Free
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Product Name Undersink Faucet
Model No UD-1000
Company name Suzuion Technologies Pvt Ltd.
CIN U31904TG2018PTC122354
Rated Input
Rated Out put
Manufacturer IONPIA CO LTD
Mnf.Sr.No IAB1802S0012
Made In Korea
Safety instructions Refer to Instruction Manual
Remarks Store

Exterior Explanation

Explain for Each Parts

Modern style Design Effective Space use ! Touch type
Luxurious Materials & Modern type design
make Refined kitchen mood
Install main body at undersink Install
faucet on the sink table Effective small kitchen space use
Convenient Touch type
Convenient use Faucet
Various Use Setting LED lighting Display Filter change notification!
Alkali water level, Acid water level and purified water
as well as simple water outlets can be setting at faucet on the sink
Alkali water Level and Acid water level display Cam make use convenien Notify filter change time by Filter LED on/off and Melody

Installation Drawing

Product Specification

Detail Specification
Model Name UD-1000
Product weight App1.39Kg
Rated Voltage AC 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V / 50Hz
Water Generation 1) Alkali Water : 1~4stage | 2) Acid Water : 2 stage | 3) Purified Water
Power Protection Device Fuse 3.15A
Purpose of Use registered in KFDA < Alkali water Purpose of use >
Improvement of Stomach Symptom (chronic diarrhea , Indigestion, Un-normal Fermentation ,
Hyperacid) through elecrtroysis , (pH) 8.5 ~10.0 Alkali water
< Acid water Purpose of Use>
Improvement for release of Atopy (Applied for exporting products)