Water Ionizer

Model No : ION-5000SA
Number of Plates : 5
Manufactured By : IONPIA CO LTD
Made In : Korea

MRP : 2,60,780

Shipping Charges : Free
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Category 5000SA
Product Name Water Ionizer
Model No ION-5000SA
Plates 5
Product Approval USFDA
Usage Voltage AC 220V, 60Hz
Power Consumption 90VA
Product Size 385(H)*284(W)*134(D)
Product Weight 6Kg
Packaging Unit 1EA
Manufactured By IONPIA CO LTD
Use Method, Store Method, and Precautions when Using Refer to Instruction Manual
Company name Suzuion Technologies Pvt Ltd.
CIN U31904TG2018PTC122354
Rated Input
Rated Out put
Mnf.Sr.No DAB1802P0001
Manufacturing Date 06.02.2018
Suzuion sr.No. SUZU5000001
Made In Korea
Remarks Store

Advantages (I)

Double Auto Change Cross - Line System

Prevents scale decomposition on plate of electrolyte bath and generate the optimal electrolyte return water (alkali water) and improves durability of electrolyte bath

High quality 10 multi-layer filter applied for the first time in the world

①High density FELT film ② Carbon Block ③ Carbon ④ Sediment
⑤ High density FELT film ⑥ Anti-bacterial Ball ⑦ Negative ion Ball
⑧ Far Intrared Ball ⑨ Dechlorine Ball ⑩ High density FELT film

Color LED Display

Escaped from existing front plate design
Reinforcing the image of high-tech home appliance

Polished design and compact size

Adding interior effect and easy of installation.
Realizing the design favored by all ages.

2-phase acid water production

Generating skincare water and hygienic water for different uses

Advantages (II)

Voice information and melody sound

Voice information for each use stage (Alkali water: spring water sound/ acid water: warning sound / purified water : silence)

4 levels of sound volume

Silence, small, medium, large

Filter change time indication

Stick graph on the display to indicate change time in advance with voice message

User mode and manager mode functions

Product use status memory system to manage under optimal condition

Water amount control (Source water control valve)

Control with the most proper water pressure for optimal operation for each source water in different installation place

Automated alkali water restoration

Automated restoration to “Alkali water phase 2” after the use of acid water in order to prevent from drinking it.

Use amount memory system for the first time in the world

Use amount of alkali water, acid water, and purified water for each level using cutting-edge memory and indication of total use amount (accumulated amount)

Electrolyzer System Features

High level of safety
  • Automated stop after 10 minutes of consecutive operation
  • Prevention from “water overflow” with the user’s mistake
  • 2-phase overcurrent protection
  • Double protection of software and hardware using cutting-edge PTC
E*Cell patent technology
  • Regular automated water channel conversion to prevent from scale perfectly
  • Conversion of electrode and water channel automatically after four times of operation
  • More than 95% discharge from inputted water when selecting purified water
  • The first in the world technology to reduce source water waist
  • Perfect automatic cleaning function
  • Automatic water channel conversion system
  • Creating of strong acid water
Thorough product management through manager mode and user mode
  • Customized source water selection depends of the season and environment
  • 1 – 7 phases
  • Thorough profile management of the product
  • Automatic management of total use amount and product profile

High Quality 9-phase compound filter

Category Materials Longevity
PART(I) (Purification part) ①High density FELT film
② Carbon Block
③ Carbon
④ Sediment
6 months
PART(II) (Activation part) ⑤ High density FELT film
⑥ Anti-bacterial Ball
⑦ Negative ion Ball
⑧ Far Intrared Ball
⑨ Dechlorine Ball
⑩ High density FELT film
6 months