Suzuion only offers top quality products. We ARE HUMAN so when on the rare occasion something goes wrong or if for some reason you need to return a product, the following is our policy:

Alkaline Water Ionizers

We invite you to try out our incredible, life-changing alkaline water ionizers. We are so sure that you will be satisfied that we offer you a 30* day money back guarantee. If at any time in the first 30 days you wish to return your ionizer, we will give you a full refund (less 15% restocking fees) as long as your alkaline water ionizer is returned in as new condition and in its original packing.

Smart Shopper's Shortcut

As new condition means that the Suzu alkaline water ionizer is not scratched, damaged or broken in any way and is returned in proper working order in the original box with all the hoses, connectors, parts, manual etc. If you have NOT used the ionizer, and NOT opened the box, you can return the ionizer within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. The original shipping charges will not be refunded and return shipping charges must be prepaid by the purchaser.

Your Suzuion warranty details are as follows

Note: Warranty does not apply if the ionizer has been used for selling or vending water commercially. If a commercial warranty is required, please contact our toll free Customer Service number 1 800 599 1855

The warranty on Suzuion alkaline water ionizers begins on the original purchase date. If warranty details are not received by Suzuion within 30 days, then the warranty is limited to 1 (one) year. The Suzuion Lifetime Warranty covers all alkaline water ionizer parts (not accessories) and 100% of labor costs. In no event shall Suzuion or its dealers be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or special consequential damages to property whatsoever, arising from use of its products with improperly treated or untreated hard water.

The warranty expressly excludes environmental damage including (but not limited to) mineral build-up due to hard water or high levels of iron, poor source water quality, infestation, or electrical surges. Warranty is also excluded if non-genuine filters (sold by any unauthorized Dealer) are used in an ionizer. Any authorized site will state clearly that they are an “Authorized Suzuion Distributor.” Non-genuine filters have been shown to not only impair performance, but also to leak out media that has and can damage ionizers. Suzuion is not responsible for any shipping costs on repairs outside of the Hyderabad & Secunderabad.

ALimited Lifetime Warranty is valid for the life-cycle of each ionizer as long as parts are still being manufactured and/or available, but not discontinued. Suzuion reserves the right to substitute, discontinue, alter or modify any product or part thereof, at any time, without prior notice. Warranty is voided if repairs are made by anyone other than Suzuion repair technician.

Limits and Exclusions: There are no express warranties except as listed above. The warrantor is not responsible for incidental or consequential damage, for damages arising from the use of any unauthorized attachment, or for damages resulting from the use of the product with a defective water faucet. This warranty does not cover the cost of needed repairs due to customer neglect or by failure to stop mineral build-up including (but not limited to) calcium/iron in hard water areas. If using untreated well water, it is always the customer's responsibility to pre-treat so it is safe and suitable for use with an ionizer. All express and implied warranties, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose, are limited to the applicable warranty period. Repair and/or replacement will be at the final discretion of Suzuion Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Suzuion’s Warranty does not cover any costs or damage associated with installation or de-installation. Customer is also liable for any costs associated with shipping unit/ parts to and from where unit is installed to Suzuion’s warehouse in Secunderabad.

Suzuion warranty begins on the date of purchase to end customers. The Suzuion warranty does not cover damage incurred during transit. Suzuion warranty covers that its products and components will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 5 years as outlined below. All warranties are subject to the terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations detailed herein. Suzuion does not make any warranty or implied warranty as to the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

This warranty does not apply to consumable items, sediment pre-filters, products or components that are damaged due to neglect, misapplication, accident, modification, freezing, acts of God, damage, water temperature in excess of 120F, vacuum or any other factor outside of normal operation and source water issues. Contact Suzuion in advance for advice as to the suitability of a product for a specific purpose, concern and desired result.

Warranty does not extend to items built wholly or partially to the Purchaser’s design or specifications. This Suzuion warranty is in lieu of any other warranty, expressed or implied. Warranty is void by failing to fully comply with installation, product label, operation or maintenance instructions including the use of incompatible lubricants or sealants. Warranty claims may require detailed documentation and pictures of the installation, on-site inspection and return of the item(s) in question at the customer’s expense.

Suzuion extends warranties solely to our end use customers and are nontransferable. Purchaser’s exclusive remedies under this warranty shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the non-conforming item(s) as determined by Suzuion. Warranty applies only to the specific failed component part(s). Items for warranty consideration must be sent freight insured, pre-paid and appropriately packaged to Suzuion in Secunderabad, with a formal Service Authorization (SA) reference number. Approved warranted items will be shipped F.O.B. after the damage claim form has been filed out. Contact Suzuion to obtain an SA number or to discuss any warranty issues. Damage claims are handled separately from warranty. Damage claims must be submitted in writing including a fully completed Suzuion Damage Claim Form. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Suzuion is not liable for consequential damages. In no event shall Suzuion be liable for damages, including without limitation, loss of time, inconvenience, charges incurred in connection with the repair or replacement of the product(s), direct or indirect damages, loss or interruption of business or home services or any other monetary impact. Suzuion’s entire liability under any provision of this limited warranty shall be limited to the actual amount paid for the product(s). No dealer, agent, distributor or other person has any authority to make any warranties or representations concerning Suzuion or its products. Accordingly, Suzuion is not responsible for any such warranties or representations.


No return can be accepted without our prior authorization. For all repairs or trouble shooting inquiries, please first fill out the on-line form --> Click Here. This will ensure that you get the best professional help ASAP.

Important note for national customers: Suzuion will cover the parts and labor portion of the warranty as outlined above. Suzuion is not responsible for shipping for warranty work outside of the Secunderabad / Hyderabad where the customer bears the expense of shipping. Customers and/or associates who purchase any Suzuion products, units prior to a repair facility being open will take full responsibility to bear any shipping costs to and from an authorized Suzuion repair center for warranty work and for any fees due. We suggest that any customer on an untreated water source (such as well or catchment) provide a water quality report to Suzuion so that we may determine if pre-filtration is recommended.

We will notify you of your refund once we have processed the returned item. You can expect a refund to be issued within asap of our receiving and inspecting your return.

Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited other than the following: You may print or download to a local hard disk extracts for your personal and non-commercial use only.*Does not apply to any financed ionizer. Finance contracts require a 72-hour right of rescission, after which you become liable to the finance company for the contract value*.

To fill out your warranty form on-line please go Here Warranty needs to be completed within 30 days of purchase.