‘The greatest wealth is health’, seek an impeccable state of physical and mental health with high-quality goose down duvets from HomesescapesIndia. To know further what health benefits, it would serve you by reading through the following pointers.


Construct in layers of natural fibers that would not just hold and support the down feather filling but it would also immune the sleeper from the side effects of the bacterial attack. Natural fibers are powered by anti-bacterial features which ensure a complete protection from germs, bacteria or dust present in the surroundings. It doesn’t let any kind of germs to accumulate on the surface of down feather duvets. It would insulate you from the menace of sinus, respiratory issues, and skin infections.


Dust mites are extremely micro sized creatures that are very much present in our homes. They have epitome to survive the most intense weather conditions and breeds especially in warm moisture laden surroundings which are dominant in tropical regions.

With the help of microscopic lenses, you can easily detect the presence of mites on your linens. These mites are like pray on human body. Their presence may lead to infections like itchiness, irritation in eyes, sneezing, cold and rashes to some extent. The hypoallergenic attribute of cotton fabrics would help you waive off the presence of unfriendly elements. It would assure your guest of clean, neat and hygienic conditions.


The fillers are made up of feathers of waterfowl goose which protect them from intense weather of cool climes. It stimulates the temperature of the surrounding as it doesn’t let icy or warm air to trespass through the surface of the blanket. As cotton absorbs the excess moisture, sweat from the body of a sleeper, a natural cycle of air flows through your neck, face, hands and so on…You would feel a sense of coolness or warmth comforting you from all the angles.


The soft and lofty texture of the down feathers would support your tired body and heal you get rid of paining muscles. Wake up refreshed, rejuvenated and lively every morning as never before with these comforting duvets.